Rough Riders AK, Inc


ATV Club By-Laws

Article I.Name and Purpose
Section 1.01The name of this club shall be Rough Riders AK ATV Club ("the Club").
Section 1.02The purposes of the Club are:
(a)To stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of ATV riding;
(b)To promote ATV use as a legitimate family recreational activity on public lands;
(c)To promote responsible use and educate the general public, media, and elected officials on land use;
(d)To provide a medium for the exchange of ATV riding information;
(e)To develop a kindred spirit among local ATV riders and other recreational enthusiasts;
(f)To serve the interests of ATV owners;
(g)To defend such owners against discriminatory legislation, regulations and Burdensome taxation;
(h)To rent, lease, or own property for Club or chapter uses;
(i)To perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the club and in the general public interest.
Article II.Organization of the Club
Section 2.01The Club shall be organized in chapters. Each member of the Club shall belong to a Club chapter.
Section 2.02There will not be a separate Club governing board or organization. Each chapter shall have its own Board of Directors which shall be known as the Chapter Executive Board.
Section 2.03The club bylaws will apply to all chapters and members. These club bylaws shall define the overall operation and direction of the Club and its organization and functions.

Article III.Club governing Bylaws
Section 3.01These governing bylaws of the Club and its chapters shall be amended by vote of the Executive Boards of all chapters. The voting requirement for such amendment shall be referred to as a "vote majority of the chapter boards."
Section 3.02A "vote majority of the chapter boards" is defined as a vote taken on the same motion before each Board at each chapter. The voting shall take place at chapter Executive Board meetings, and all such meetings shall be in the same year and month. A quorum of the Board must be present at the Executive Board meeting, and a majority of those voting must agree to the motion. On a Club-wide basis the motion is carried only if a majority of the chapter Boards support the motion. Chapters will be expected to share copies of such approved or disapproved motions or copies of the meeting minutes with other chapters.
Section 3.03Chapters operate independently but are required to abide with all governing bylaws. Twice each calendar year, in March and September, each Chapter President must provide written affirmation, as provided for in Exhibit A of these Bylaws, that the Club governing bylaws have been followed or to identify those bylaw provisions that have not been followed. The signed affirmations shall be promptly provided to the Chapter Secretary of the Juneau Chapter but not later than the last day of March and September.
Article IV.Chapters
Section 4.01All chapters shall be equal in importance. However, the Juneau Chapter, the original organization, will have special Club responsibilities and authorities. The special Club responsibilities and authorities shall be carried out by the Executive Board of the Juneau Chapter.
Section 4.02New chapters that request acceptance into the Club must be voted in by a "vote majority of the Chapter Boards."
Section 4.03Club chapters may exist in various locations within the State of Alaska to serve the interest and needs of area ATV riding members and to promote the purposes of the Club.
Section 4.04The general functions of each chapter will be:
(a)To carry out the purposes of the Club to the best of their ability.
(b)To encourage membership in the chapter.
(c)To share equally with all chapters’ dues or fees for payment:
(i)To the Alaska Secretary of State.
(ii)For Club memberships in other ATV or OHV associations.
(iii)For other approved ROUGH RIDERS AK Club purposes upon approval by the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club membership.
(d)To encourage members to get involved in chapter activities and positions.
(e)To participate with other ATV or OHV organizations promoting the interests of ATV riders in the State of Alaska.
(f)To maintain good relations with all other chapters to assure smooth operation of the Club.
(g)To maintain their own chapter webpage.
Section 4.05Each chapter shall have a Chapter Executive Board. Each member of the Executive Board shall be an Officer of the Board and shall have one vote at Board meetings.
Section 4.06Each chapter shall determine the number of meetings to be held on a yearly basis, day and time of each meeting.
Section 4.07Each chapter shall determine the number of Board meetings to be held per year.
Section 4.08Chapters shall have a minimum of 10 active members to create a new chapter.
Section 4.09Chapters shall abide by all club bylaws.
Section 4.10Chapters shall have bylaws suited to their own requirements. Chapter bylaws must not conflict with or replace provisions of the club bylaws. In any conflict between the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club Bylaws and the Chapter Bylaws, the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club Bylaws shall govern.
Section 4.11A Chapter Executive Board may also approve, create, define and assign support positions to assist its Officers in their assigned responsibilities. These titles assigned to these support positions shall not include the word "officer." These support positions shall report to one or more of the Chapter Officers and shall not be voting members of the Board.
Section 4.12An existing Club chapter may terminate its Club affiliation by submitting a termination notice to Juneau chapter secretary. The termination notice must be signed by a majority of the Executive Board of the terminating chapter.
Section 4.13In relations with other organizations other than the Club or its chapters, no Officer or member within the Club or its chapters may claim that they represent the Club or its chapters without approval. The right to represent a chapter must be stated in the chapter bylaws or be approved by the appropriate Chapter Executive Board.
Section 4.14By a "vote majority of the chapter boards," any chapter can be terminated from Club affiliation. Such votes shall not be valid unless the chapter being voted out has violated the club bylaws or acts in ways that do not represent the values of the Club as solely determined by a majority of chapters. The reason for the termination shall be identified in the motion. If the violation is of a club bylaw, the violating chapter shall be given 30 days to correct the violation before a vote to terminate is taken.
Section 4.15Former chapters or their representatives that are no longer active members of the Club or one of its chapters are not authorized to use the Club or chapter name, initials or logo, or to claim that they are members or representatives of the Club or its chapters.
Article V.Special Club Responsibilities and Authorities of the Executive Board of the Juneau Chapter
Section 5.01To deal with Club matters involving the Alaska Secretary of State.
Section 5.02To obtain and pay for Club memberships in other ATV associations promoting the interests of ATV riders in the State of Alaska such as NOHVCC, Tread Lightly, Blue ribbon Coalition, and ATVA.
Section 5.03To maintain the official Bylaws of the Club and to recommend changes necessary to keep the Bylaws up to date.
Section 5.04To maintain the main page of the Club website and domain name.
Section 5.05To receive, compile, and retain all signed Affirmations from all Chapter Presidents relating to compliance with Club Bylaws, reporting the results to other Club chapters, and recommending any actions to be taken to other Club chapters.
Article VI.Membership
Section 6.01Membership shall consist of the following classes:
(a)Active Members
(b)Business Members
(c)Associate and Honorary Members (optional)
Section 6.02Active members must belong to a Chapter of the Club.
Section 6.03Active membership is available to all ATV owners and enthusiasts without regard to sex, race or religious beliefs. Single active members must be at least 18 years of age. An active family membership is for couples or for families and shall extend to all members of a co-habitating family except to children 18 years and older who must, if they attend or participate in Club or chapter activities, hold their own membership.
Section 6.04Completed applications for membership from new members are due at the time they initially apply for membership. The correct amount of dues must accompany the completed application. Dues from new members received from April 1 through December 31 will apply to the current dues year. Dues from new members received from January 1 through March 31 will apply to the following dues year.
Section 6.05Applications and dues are due annually during March from existing members to maintain active membership. The memberships of active members will not be renewed simply by the submission of the dues. Continuation of active membership will require the submission of a current and completed application form and waiver.
Section 6.06Applications for membership shall be made in writing addressed to the Chapter Treasurer of the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club chapter you are interested in joining. Applications shall be on the appropriate form containing an agreement by the applicant to abide by the required dues and purposes of the club. The waiver on the application form must be signed by each adult family member, and the parent or guardian must also sign a waiver for each family member under the age of 18. In addition, the applicant must indicate on the application form whether or not the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club or chapter can share their address, e-mail, and telephone number given on the application with other Club members. The ROUGH RIDERS AK Club or any member will not distribute or sell any of this information.
Section 6.07A member may resign from the Chapter and the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club at any time upon written notice to the President and Treasurer of the Chapter.
Section 6.08The membership of a chapter member may be terminated by majority vote of the Chapter Executive Board in the event of nonpayment of dues, failure to submit an application and waive, or conduct not consistent with the Bylaws of the Club. Members who fail to pay dues by April 30 will be removed from the rolls of the chapter.
Section 6.09Business members who pay the business member rate are eligible to have their company’s logo posted on the Club or Chapter website and have a link to their company website. Business members are not voting members. Employees or families of business members must become active members of a chapter in order to ride with the Club or chapter.
Section 6.10The Chapter Executive Board may establish the qualifications and rights of Associate and Honorary Members of its chapter.

Article VII.Dues
Section 7.01The amount of annual chapter dues shall be determined by action of the Chapter Executive Board then presented to the Chapter members for approval.
Section 7.02The dues year shall be April 1 through March 31.
Article VIII.Fiscal Year
Section 8.01The fiscal 12-month year of the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club and its chapters shall commence on the First day of January and end on the Thirty-First day of December.
Article IX.Management
Section 9.01The management of each Chapter is vested in the Chapter Executive Board.
Article X.Chapter Officers
Section 10.01The executive officers of each Chapter shall be: Chapter President, Chapter CEO, Chapter Secretary, Chapter Treasurer, and Chapter Sergeant at Arms. These five positions shall constitute the Executive Board of each chapter. No less than 3 individuals shall hold these 5 positions, and each individual shall have only one vote. No one individual shall hold both the President and CEO positions.
Section 10.02The officers shall be elected from the chapter membership by plurality vote who are in attendance at the membership meeting held in the month of March. Vacancies occurring between such elections shall be filled by a nomination and vote by the membership for a replacement. In the event the President is unable to fulfill his duties, the CEO shall fill that position for the unexpired term of the position left vacant. . Under duties of officers it shall be added under all of the officer’s duties:   Officers MUST sponsor the minimum of one (1) ride or event per riding season. In the event an officer misses three (3) consecutive meetings, it shall be determined the office has been vacated; therefore, nomination and election will be held on the 3rd missed meeting to fill vacated position for the duration of the unexpired term.  Exception to this provision would be the office of the President, at which time the CEO would move into the office of the President, the Secretary would assume the duties of both CEO and Secretary for the remainder of the unexpired term.
Section 10.03All officers shall take office effective April 1and hold office for a term of one year or until their successors shall be elected and qualified.
Section 10.04The Chapter President or CEO shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and of its Executive Board and shall oversee and coordinate such committees as are authorized by the Chapter. He or she shall be the chief spokesperson for the Chapter and be the primary Chapter contact in dealings with elected government officials. The Chapter President or CEO shall be a member ex-officio of all committees authorized by the Chapter and shall carry on those other responsibilities assigned to him or her by these bylaws and the Chapter Executive Board. The Chapter President or CEO shall appoint all standing committees and special committees of the chapter. The Chapter President or CEO shall prepare, sign, and submit a copy of Exhibit A of these bylaws as required to the Chapter Secretary of the Juneau Chapter. The following support positions may be appointed and filled as needed:
(a)Ride Coordinator
(b)Trails Coordinator
(c)Legislative Specialist
(d)Presidents’ Representative (to other ATV associations)
Section 10.05The Chapter CEO, during the absence or temporary incapacity of the President, shall perform the duties and have the powers of the President. He or she shall provide information on safety, coordinate Educational activities, and provide for the maintenance of the Chapter website. The following support positions may be appointed and filled as needed:
(a)Education Coordinator
Section 10.06The Chapter Secretary shall keep all chapter records, except financial and membership records, including minutes of meetings, and list of committees and their members; shall send out notices of meetings, and discharge all of the usual secretarial functions of the office required by these bylaws. Copies of the minutes taken of all Chapter membership meetings, special meetings, and Executive Board meetings shall be routinely provided by the recording Chapter Secretary, within 20 days of such meetings, to all other Chapter Secretaries, and the minutes shall include, where applicable, the Treasurer’s Report and any approved or disapproved motions that evidence votes related to the "vote majority of the chapter boards." The following support positions may be appointed and filled as needed:
(a)Assistant Secretary
(b)Member Email List Coordinator
Section 10.07The Chapter Treasurer shall keep all financial records of the chapter and have charge of its funds. He or she shall also receive applications for membership and keep the roster of chapter members. The Chapter Treasurer shall keep all of the funds in a bank in the name of the club and chapter. He or she shall disburse such funds of the chapter under direction of the chapter or its Executive Board and only for purposes approved by the chapter or its Executive Board. Withdrawals shall be made by check signed in such manner as may be approved from time to time by the chapter or it’s Executive Board. There shall be no credit or debit cards issued for funds disbursement. A Treasurer's report shall be prepared for each Board Meeting. An audit committee consisting of 2 independent chapter members shall be selected by the Chapter Executive Board and shall audit the Chapter Treasurer’s records each March and prepare and submit a report to the Chapter Executive Board at the April Board meeting. The following support positions may be appointed and filled as needed:
(a)Assistant Treasurer
(b)Membership Coordinator
Section 10.08The Chapter Sergeant at Arms shall be, under guidelines set by the Chapter Executive Board, the primary spokesperson for the Chapter in dealing with the public; the media; business members; and local, county, municipal, state and federal agencies. He or she shall promote the principle of ATV use as a legitimate family recreational activity on public land and in doing so will promote responsible use and educate the general public, media, and elected officials on land use. The Chapter Sergeant at Arms shall be the primary Chapter officer for soliciting business members and for seeking member discounts on ATV related products and services. He or she shall encourage and arrange for business members, government representatives, and other clubs, organizations, and individuals to participate in educational instruction for chapter members in such areas as ATV riding, ATV safety, ATV maintenance, map making, map reading, GPS training, and other areas of interest to chapter members. The following support positions may be appointed and filled as needed:
(a)Federal Liaison
(b)State/Local Liaison
(c)Education Director
(d)Business Liaison
(e)Training Coordinator
(f)Media Liaison
Section 10.09The Chapter Executive Board shall be the governing body of the chapter except when meetings of the chapter are in session. All matters affecting the policies, aims and means of accomplishing the purposes of the chapter not specifically provided for in this constitution or by action of the membership at a regular or special meeting shall be decided by the Chapter Executive Board. The chapter Board shall meet at the call of the president, CEO or of a majority of the Officers of the Board. A report on all actions taken by the Chapter Executive Board shall be made to the membership at the next following meeting. A majority of the members of the Chapter Executive Board shall be required for a quorum.
Section 10.10The Executive Boards of all chapters are required to meet and vote within 15 days upon the receipt of an action recommendation from the Juneau Chapter resulting from a chapter deviation or violation reported on an Exhibit A to these Club Bylaws.
Section 10.11All officers shall have such other powers and duties as are required by law.
Section 10.12Removal of officers - Any officer not doing his or her job under these bylaws may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Chapter Executive Board or, at a regular scheduled meeting with 30 day notice of membership.
Article XI.Chapter General Membership Meetings
Section 11.01The Annual Meeting of the members of the chapter shall be held in the month of March at the time and place designated by the Chapter Executive Board. The Major business of this meeting shall be the election of the Chapter Executive Board.
Section 11.02Regular meetings of the members of the chapter shall be held at the time and place fixed by resolution at the previous meeting or as designated by the Chapter President, CEO or by the Chapter Executive Board. Government representatives and Business members are welcome to attend regular chapter meetings and those wishing to address the members are requested to make arrangements by contacting the Chapter Sergeant at Arms or Chapter Secretary at least one week before the date of the regular meeting.
Section 11.03Special meetings of the chapter may be called by the Chapter Executive Board, or by the Chapter President, or by any group of 15 active members or by 25% of a chapter’s members, whichever is less, by giving adequate notice of the time, place and purpose of such special meetings.
Section 11.04Written notices of the time and place of the Annual and all other meetings of the membership shall be prepared and distributed to the membership by the Chapter Secretary. Such notices sent via email to the last known email address of a member shall constitute written notice.
Section 11.05The active members present at any duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum. Any formal action taken at any meeting of the membership shall require a majority vote of these active members present. Each active member age 14 or older shall be entitled to one vote.
Article XII.Chapter Officer Election Procedures
Section 12.01A "qualified member" is an active member age 18 or older whose dues are paid and membership is current.
Section 12.02To be eligible for office a member must be a qualified member.
Section 12.03Chapter Executive Officers shall be elected by secret ballot vote.
Article XIII.Safety and Land Use
Section 13.01The Club encourages the safe use of All Terrain Vehicles through responsible riding and proper training in their use.
Section 13.02The Club supports safe riding and good trail ethics during club and chapter activities and request that all members and guests follow the posted guidelines on their ATV and/or in their owners’ manual.
Section 13.03The Club requires the use of a helmet during Chapter rides, and encourages the use of appropriate riding gear such as protective gloves, boots, and the like.
Section 13.04The Club discourages the use of alcohol or alcoholic beverages on chapter or Club rides.
Section 13.05The Club encourages it members to tread lightly and follow all posted trail, road, and highway regulations.
Article XIV.Splitting of a Chapter
Section 14.01If a chapter should split, the assets and liabilities shall remain with the original Chapter unless splitting members have special equipment/assets for its specific sport. In such an event assets and liabilities shall be distributed in proportion to the continuing and splitting members. The Chapter Executive Board shall determine the value of the current assets and shall determine which assets shall remain with the current chapter and which shall be transferred to the splitting chapter.
Article XV.Dissolution of a Chapter or the ROUGH RIDERS AK Club
Section 15.01In the event that a chapter shall disband, all assets shall be disbursed to another chapter and/or chapters or disbursed to a non-profit organization as determined by the dissolving Chapter Executive Board.
Section 15.02In the event that the Club shall disband, all assets of each chapter shall be disbursed to nonprofit organizations as determined by the Chapter Executive Board.

Article XVI.Termination of a Club
Section 16.01An existing Club Chapter may terminate its Club affiliation by submitting a termination notice to the President of the Juneau Chapter. The termination notice must be signed by the majority of the Chapter Executive Board of the terminating Chapter.